Forced use of HTTPS on Blog

Quick update to this blog.
I have configured and forced the use of HTTPS.

Previously I started to look into this but had forgotten about it until a recent blog post by Scott Helme reminded me of just how important HTTPS is. For more information on why HTTPS should be the default for all websites I suggest this link:

This site is hosted on GitHub pages and uses Jekyll as a static site template. Enabling HTTPS was simple enough, below is a list of useful links in case anyone struggles:

The most annoying parts were waiting for DNS entries to update and then editing files in my Jekyll settings to make sure https:// was used instead of http:// where appropriate.

In other news I have noticed I need to fix some formatting in my previous post so it looks good on smaller devices, unfortunately I did not have Jekyll running on the machine I wrote that post on so could not preview the post before publishing.


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