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Copying Photos off of Android using ADB

Last night I was struck by a mini disaster! My phone had run out space due to the amount of photographs I have taken over the last few years! Annoyed at the sudden disruption to my phones operation I went to work trying to delete old photos and back them up.

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Sending EBooks to Kindle from the Terminal

Just a quick post sharing a simple bash script for sending your EBooks to your Kindle via email (using msmtp and mutt).

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Recently I wrote a very quick C program to parse my i3 configuration file and output the bound keys within. This was to help jog my memory of the various keys I have set in my configuration file beyond the common ones.

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A Paranoid Home Network

Digging through some old notes I stumbled upon the diagram I made when planning my home network during my last move. I had decided to take a little paranoid approach to my networking.

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Raylib and C

Recently I wanted to refresh my C programming skills and was on the lookout for a library or framework for getting graphics onto the screen while doing so and I stumbled upon the Raylib library. It suited the bill perfectly.

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