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Nonograms Part 3

In my last 2 posts I was working on a way to processes Nonograms in Scala. In the first I outlined what they were and a file format to store them in. In the second I showed my code in Scala to represent them and parse them from the file format I defined. In this post I will continue on with code to write out the file format and render them.

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New Keyboard

Recently I received the final parts a new keyboard and I felt like sharing!

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Nonograms Part 2

In my previous post I described what a Nonogram was and crafted a file format to use for representing a Nonogram and any clues/hints associated with it. In this post I intend to go through the steps of building software to read, write and display Nonograms in the decided format.

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Nonograms Part 1

I love Nonograms! As a puzzle I find them very relaxing and meditative. They scratch the same itch as Sudokus for me with less mathematical thinking.

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Iterative Improvement

It is a tendency among many people to perfect something before they think of ever releasing it or showing it to anyone else. Often you might label these people perfectionists, and they exist in all spheres of life, from programming to writing to art. There is a big problem with being a perfectionist and thats that you hardly ever release anything!

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