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Recent Posts

Fist Setup of dwm

After many years of happily using the i3 window manager in my Linux environment I have decided to try to use the Suckless Dynamic Window Manager, dwm, as a replacement.
I am not unhappy with i3 as such but do get mildly irritated from time to time with having to manually manage my workspaces and the configuration file. I would also like to get more practice in C programming and since dwm is in written and configured in C it seems like a good way to do this.

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Update Atom.xml

This morning I updated my atom.xml to include a summary and a few more details that were missing from it.

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Staticman Comments

As of now this blog finally has comments, courtesy of Staticman!

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Republishing Medium Articles

Browsing through search engine results I was reminded of 2 posts from my old blog that I also published on Medium, so I decided to re-publish them here where they belong.

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Writing Spark Native Functions

Recently Matthew Powers released a short blog post on creating Spark native functions that I found interesting. Previously I had read a post by Simeon Simeonov about the same topic but had not internalised the concepts presented.

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