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vim is Powerful

The text editor vim is really quite powerful! I am always surprised by how much so!

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Migrating from offlineimap to isync

Recently I have been experimenting with the terminal email client mutt (neomutt to be specific) in preparation for setting up my own email server (I want to stop being over reliant on GMail).
Initially I stumbled upon offlineimap as a way of downloading and syncing mail from an IMAP server, but as it turns out it is built in Python 2 and considered a bit obsolete and slow by many. So after some searching I discovered isync as a suitable replacement and decided to migrate to it from offlineimap, a process I will document below.

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Someone's watching you

Go grab your tin-foil hat it’s time to talk about surveillance online in the modern internet.

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Trimming the Fat

After spotting a link on Fosstodon to the Web Bloat Score Calculator and investigating my scores on Google’s PageSpeed Insights I decided to reduce some of the “bloat” on my site.

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Running Spotify on the Terminal with spotifyd & spotify-tui

If you like your music, have a Spotify account and use Linux then spotifyd and spotify-tui might be nice alternative to using a heavier GUI client.

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