This website was set up after not renewing the domain lyndonarmitage.com which had previously been bought by domain squatters, it now redirects to lyndon.codes.

The main purpose of this site is to showcase various pieces of technical knowledge and things I (Lyndon Armitage) find interesting.


My primary experience is with developing Scala/Java/JVM based Big Data solutions although I have experience working with a full range of web technologies and programming languages as well.

I am currently employed as a Lead Data Engineer at Holland and Barrett where I work with Big Data using technologies including Databricks, Datadog, Apache Spark, Kafka, Scala, S3, Redshift, RDS, Glue, and lots of other parts of AWS.

Up until June 2019 I was working as a Full Stack Developer at Synoptic Technologies Ltd based in Guildford, UK. Where I worked primarily on the back-end of their AI technologies that power their platform Synoptica; using technologies including Apache Spark, Spring, Elasticsearch, Eclipse Vert.x, Apache NiFi, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and many more.

Before working at Synoptic I worked at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formally Detica) on various projects involving Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, MySQL, as well as several in-house tools and storage solutions.

Previous to BAE I worked at a small software company called IDR Solutions who specialise in Java and Web based PDF solutions. There I primarily used Java, JavaScript and HTML5 with some exposure to application servers such as GlassFish. They maintain a great blog with technical posts on related topics that I highly recommend.

Website Source

This website is built upon the static site generator Jeykll and the theme Hyde which is a project based on the Poole example theme.

After having used Wordpress in the past for my original blog I opted for something different which should hopefully be simpler to maintain and add content to.