My Criticisms of Macs

Since starting my current job I have been using a Macbook (15 inch 2018 model) as my daily work machine. Previously I made use of an Ubuntu Dell XPS in my last job and before that a Windows 7 Dell Latitude (I think) which I also often used a Linux VM on.

This post is written after spending quite a few months using my Macbook and represents my thoughts and opinions on it from a software developer’s standpoint, specifically from someone who does (and has done) a lot of Data Engineering tasks, and Java/JVM focussed development on both Windows and Linux machines.

I have quite a few criticisms of the Macbook and it’s Operating System in general. Do bear in mind that these are my own opinions and based on what I like and what works for me, I am sure many many developers can get by and be very productive within the Mac and Apple ecosystem and have worked with several in my career who absolute adore their Macbooks and desktop Macs as development machines. Also some of these these criticisms are quite nitpicky and approach the category of “first world problems” in some of their pettiness. I am overall happy to continue using my Mac.

So without further preamble here are some of my criticisms and things I find annoying about using a Macbook for work:

That’s a longish list of, some admittedly petty, annoyances and criticisms. So here are a few things that I do like about the Macbook and Mac OS:

And there it is; some of my likes and dislikes of the Macbook I have been using.
It may seem like I dislike working on it but it is definitely not the worst development experience I have had and is a lot nicer than trying to develop on some corporate Windows machines I have used in the past.
A lot of my criticisms probably stem from my habit of tinkering with Linux desktops over the last few years to get a customized experience and workflow going.

Originally when I was starting at my current job I was given the choice of what development machine I would like with Surface Pro being the Windows equivalent and there being no Linux option. And overall I am happy with the choice I made.


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