Comments on a Static Blog

I have been considering adding comments to my blog for a little while now.

Other people with static blogs built on Jekyll tend to use Disqus for their comments. Disqus is a purpose built third-party plugin for embedding comments in websites and works quite well.
However as Victor Zhou outlined in his blog post Disqus is actually a very heavy plugin that makes a lot of external requests. It is also closed source and powered by adverts (at least at the free tier).
Victor actually recommend using an alternative in his blog post called Commento which is much more lightweight (in size and requests), open-source, values privacy and can even be self hosted if desired.

When looking for alternatives to Disqus I also came across a blog post by Phil Haack mentioning quite a cool solution that Damien Guard mentioned to him; using Jekyll data files and pull requests on GitHub to make a comment system that is static.
This approach seems quite cool in my opinion and would a nice self contained project to have a go at implementing.

Stay tuned to see what kind of solution I go with. I may well opt to continue not having any comments on my blog.


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