Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 2023

An image of the Winter Run 2023 route

I will be running in the Cancer Research London Winter Run on February 5th 2023. This is a 10KM run around various sites in London in aid of helping fun research into Cancer treatments.

Over the last year I have got back into running, mostly during my lunch time and only for a distance of about 5KM so this run will be a little bit of a challenge for me! Especially after mildly spraining my ankle during my training on the 9th of January! Thankfully, I was able to complete a 5KM run today, so I am definitely going to give it my all on the 5th.

If you could spare some change please donate at my fundraising page, even just £5 can make a difference in the fight against cancer!


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Name: Lyndon
Date: February 14th, 2023 14:46

Thank you to everyone who donated! I managed to run in an hour and a minute!