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Interfaces & Impetuous Defaults

A little bit of a cryptic title but bear with me, this is a post about how when you build an interface, or any code really, you should consider the effect of your decisions.

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Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 2023

An image of the Winter Run 2023 route

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Mindhammer: 24hr Warhammer Building & Painting Stream


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groupBy, groupByKey, and windowing in Spark

Recently at work I encountered a Spark job that had begun to intermittently fail after a long period of successes. Debugging Spark jobs is a skill in and of itself that I will touch on it lightly here, but in my evaluation of this job I found that:

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Wordle Solver in Scala

With the basic Scala implementation of Wordle out of the way in my last post I thought it might be a fun activity to create a Wordle solver/helper in a similar way. I like to avoid using such things on real world puzzles as they suck the fun out of them but writing them and testing them is fun in and of itself, so lets get started.

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