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Book Series: Mistborn

Recently I finished reading the Mistborn book series by Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy series set in his Cosmere setting. This is a brief review of that series.

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Bash Scripting Adventure: Deleting tables from AWS Glue

Recently, I was tasked with deleting a load of extraneous tables that made their way into one of our AWS Glue Catalogs. These tables were causing a major issue by virtue of a fact that there were 15,000+ of them. To solve this problem I applied a bit of Bash scripting that I thought I’d share.

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Nonograms Part 3

In my last 2 posts I was working on a way to processes Nonograms in Scala. In the first I outlined what they were and a file format to store them in. In the second I showed my code in Scala to represent them and parse them from the file format I defined. In this post I will continue on with code to write out the file format and render them.

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New Keyboard

Recently I received the final parts a new keyboard and I felt like sharing!

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Nonograms Part 2

In my previous post I described what a Nonogram was and crafted a file format to use for representing a Nonogram and any clues/hints associated with it. In this post I intend to go through the steps of building software to read, write and display Nonograms in the decided format.

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