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Recent Posts

AdventOfCode 2023

It’s that time of year again. Time to commit to participating in AdventOfCode 2023 only to not finish it. In seriousness, I’ve tried to finish for a few years but always find other commitments get in the way. Nevertheless, I am going to be doing Advent of Code 2023!

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Refreshing my NeoVim Installation

As I mentioned many moons ago, I use the text editor Vim as one of my daily drivers. To be precise I actually use NeoVim. Recently I have decided to clean up my configuration files and I plan on documenting that adventure here.

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Gemini Search Engine Part 1a: Crawling

In this post I will go into the first part of building my Gemini Search Engine WhichFire: Crawling/Spidering.

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I Don't Like Mocks

I don’t like software Mocks or Mocking frameworks in general. In my experience they don’t really help when it comes to testing software, at least the kind I work on, and the frameworks themselves are a nightmare to deal with.

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Creating a Gemini Search Engine

This is the first post in a series about creating a search engine for the Gemini internet technology. In it, we will briefly discuss what Gemini is and the basics of creating a Search Engine.

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